It is possible to make physical systems in tiled?

Hello, I’m making a map with the tile I wonder if the physical systems of the scenario as if a wooden tile that off the ground it must fall are made in an as editor tiled or with the game programming language, if they are made with the publisher how I do it on the tiled?

Similar to your randomly moving cloud question, you would place the wooden tile in the editor but the physics will have to be done in your game. And again, you can set custom properties in Tiled to control the physical properties of the wooden tile, like mass or friction.

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To answer this and all other questions:

Anything “dynamic” (moving etc) must be programmed. Tiled only provides the “data” in the form of the TMX file. This file contains locations for tiles, objects, arrangement of layers, etc.

Everything you do with that data is subject to the TMX reader library you use (libgdx has this built-in, including a “renderer” that draws the tilemap). Anything above that (ie making a game with tilemaps, objects moving about, etc) is entirely up to you.

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OK, thank you to both :smile: