Trying to recover lost files

So I spent a long time making a custom map for Project Zomboid.

I lost my files for it on my old laptop, I’ve been trying to find a way to covert the lotheader and bin files back to TMX but have failed to find a method.

I know Tiled Map Editor might have been modified for that game specifically (I’m not really sure).

But is there any way to convert these files back so I can update my map?

Either way, just figured I’d ask as I’m running out of options other than rebuilding it.
Thanks for reading.

Hmm, as far as I’m aware Tiled has been modified a great deal for that project (the “TileZed” fork has been worked on for many years) and only a few changes have made it into Tiled in the early days of the Project Zomboid editor. Tiled as such does not have any code to support those file formats and they likely depend on features Tiled does not have.

Did you check whether it might be supported by the Project Zomboid version of Tiled (located at To restore your files you might have to look into its source code to see how the files are structured and to see whether the information could be loaded back out such that you can edit that map again.

Good luck and feel free to ask for more information!