Object Functionality


Been using Tiled to create role playing maps (JPG for use in VTT) - and its brilliant/perfect for that task - far better than some so-called professional packages out there.

Some of the following functionality would make the program quicker to use:

(1) Drag and drop directly on the map from Windows Explorer - this would create an object on the current object layer and insert onto the map at the dropped location. Also create a reference to it in the current object library.

(2) Have a menu option to select the number of columns visible in the object library - currently set to 5. Or auto fit to object library window size.

(3) Have a menu option to have the objects auto resize to fit their slot (as some larger tiles make the smaller tiles very hard to see)

That’s nice to hear!

These are all reasonable requests. I guess for (1), the only question is whether a new tileset should be added for the image, or if there are already some “image collection” tilesets part of the map, to which tileset the image should be added.

(2) has already been requested a few times and is really a shortcoming that I plan to address in the future already. It should definitely adjust the number of columns based on the width in case of image collection tilesets.

(3) is a display option that makes sense to add. The tileset view indeed gets rather hard to browse when the images are vastly different in size.

For all of this though, it would really help if I had even more time to spend on Tiled. I can currently afford to spend one full day a week thanks to support received from sponsors and on Patreon, and there is a huge amount of things to work on. If you want to help, please consider becoming a patron as well.