Prefab Tile-set not coming out like the tutorial

I am using Tile Map editor version 0.17.2 and following a 2D RPG tutorial on Youtube by gamesplusjames titled “Unity RPG Tutorial #6 - making tile maps.” I am also using Titled2Unity Both programs have been updated since this tutorial has come out so that may be the problem. Here are some things I see different.

Tile Map Editor - the instructions tell you to pick XML, but there is only CVS in the editor with 64 uncompressed and 64zlib compressed.

Titled2Unity - added the following:

  • Convex Polygon Colliders
  • Use Depth Buffter
  • Pixels Per Unit

So when I follow the tutorial at the end Unity shows that my Prefab should show the tile-map as a green background with my water and trees. But it shows a white background. I have done this about five times.

Has anyone done this tutorial? I need help. I want to get past this so I can keep learning. Thank you.

The XML option was deprecated since it’s very inefficient. It is still available in the Properties view after creating the map, but you shouldn’t actually need it with Tiled2Unity.

Hopefully @Seanba has an idea why the prefab is not showing up the expected way.

Thank you for the fast reply. I will check with him. Thank you.

Thank you. I did contact Seanba and he was able to help me.I had my sprite
in the wrong folder.