Prevent overlapping 🗗 when draw big tile (e.g.3✖3) from Collection-of-Images

I have a map. It is 64✖64 pixels per tile.
I have a tileset with an rock image 192✖192 pixels.
When I paint by pressing mouse on the map, then drag to draw a line or stamp mode, the result is :-

How to make the result not overlap?
I want the result like this :-

I am using Tile Set that is “Collection of Images” type.
I don’t want to workaround by using Tile Set that is “Based on Tileset Image” type, because it is harder to refactor later.

The Stamp Brush currently only avoids overlap when you hold Shift to draw your line.

I agree it could be useful to also have a mode where overlap is avoided when just painting, but it would need to be optional because in some situations the current behavior is preferred.

The behavior you described occurs only in “Based on Tileset Image” type. I love it.

In “Collection of Images” type, it doesn’t avoid overlap no matter I hold Shift or not.


This is not dependent on the type of tileset, but on the tile size. The Stamp Brush only avoids overlap based on the occupied cells, so if your tiles extend beyond their cell they will still overlap other tiles.

Is it possible for me to inform the editor that an item in Collection of Images is larger than 1✖1 tile?

or… does the Collection of Images type supports only items that has size 1✖1 tile?
^ i.e. I should not use Collection of Images for 3✖3 wall?


The Collection of Images type of tileset can contain tiles of any size. When the tiles are larger than the map grid, they extend beyond their cell, overlapping other tiles. They still occupy only a single cell on the tile layer.

Larger tiles than the grid are commonly used to make it easier to place tall things like walls and trees, but can also be used for slightly overlapping grass as seen in the “isometric_grass_and_water” example.

There is no way to make the Stamp Brush aware of the larger tiles in order to avoid the overlap.