Problem with Hex Terrain

I am currently making a map with Hex tiles but the Terrain tool is super wonky with them. Does anyone have a solution?

There is no easy solution because hex tiles have 6 corners whereas the terrain tool works based on the 4 corners of rectangular (usually square) tiles.

Do you know of a hex tileset using a similar transitions system that could be used to test this possible improvement to the terrain tool?

If I know of a Hex tileset that can autotile using 4 corner or 6? Cus I already made a tileset that should work with 6 corners, well its a test tileset but still

One with 6 corners, cause if it’d use only 4 corners then it should be working fine in the current version of Tiled (since 0.18.1). Can you share your tileset?

Well using the 4 corners it works as much as you’d expect it would using square tiles, it just offset the thing and doesn’t properly autotile Hex but this Autotyle Set I just made, should in theory work if you incorporate a new algorithm specially for Hex because well it technically use 1 additional coordination so yes the autotile set is much bigger and has much more component, you have have 6 side instead of 4 XD

Green is the map fill, the yellow is the one you add over. I went with basic, green is grass and yellow is sand basically.

What does a hex tile using a 4-corner based terrain transition system look like? In any case I think it should work fine as long as the two corners sharing an edge of the tile graphic are always considered the same terrain.

Hmm, I think your set will not work. The terrain tool works based on having a well defined terrain type at each of the corners, with the transition between the terrains happening in between. But instead, your tileset seems to have a well defined terrain type for the sides and uses a zero-pixel “transition” located at the corners.

Its because Corners in Hex doesn’t work the same way, let me show a few exemple to show why This would work.

Also it doesn’t work with the system already there because it tries to put 8 tile around the tile you put which adds tiles offset down or up depending on where you put it.

This on the top left is how with the current system, it looks like when you just place 1 tile, the placed tile have a blue dot.

The others are a demonstration of how it should look depending on where you place the tile compared to another one which would require a new system specific for Hex tiles.

For the example with the OR, it would work better with the left side one or else it would create a new tile that’s a full tile and that wouldn’t make the system work at its best

After further testing, it would need even more type of edge tile. also You don’t really have corner tiles using Hex, only edges and corner edges, you just can’t use any of the square tile thinking into this.

So those other situation look like this.

This is the new tileset.

Bump because its still relevant

++ Would be really helpful!

Thanks Mxkoenz

This is actually very Important for anyone making Hex Tile. I don’t know why replies stopped.


It has been a year ans a half since the start of this thread, any news on a Hex based terrain tool?