Pronounciation of Tiled

In Class we had a discussion of how this Programm is pronounced. Some argue that is should be pronounced Tile-ed, as in Tile-Editor, while others believe it should be Tiled, as in the past tense form of Tiling something. Is there an official stance on this, or should it be whatever we believe is right?

It’s full name is Tiled Map Editor, so I personally prefer the 2nd option.

Thanks for asking! It is definitely meant to be the past tense of “to tile”, which is to place tiles. This is why it is written “Tiled” and not “TilEd”, like I’ve seen in some forums.

This name dates back to when Tiled was purely a tile map editor. Due to the steadily increasing support for non-tile based content I think eventually it may be time to consider a new name, but naming stuff is hard…

How about “Power Mapper”? It underscores Tiled’s functionality and that it isn’t limited to tile content anymore, though certainly can be used as such.

I like how non-modest that sounds, but there is already a web crawler called PowerMapper.

Didn’t know that. Will think of something different. How about… Mapped? Doesn’t have the same ring to it but at least it keeps the same theme going (tiled=to tile, mapped = to map).

Maybe we should open up a name study thread. Could be fun. :grinning:

Agreed. Let the community pick. This is an open-source project after all.

Hm. I think I like the name “Tiled” :). Even if the scope is now a bit broader there are many people who know the project under this name. Not sure if renaming it would not cause a lot of confusion.