Why is Tiled called Tiled?

It’s difficult to find content via a google search related to the Tiled software because of it’s name.

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It’s called Tiled because its primarily a tile-based level editor. It makes tiled maps. Its “full” name is “Tiled Map Editor” (hence the site’s URL), though it’s called Tiled almost everywhere, including the site.

Looking up “tiled”, “tiled tutorial”, etc always brings up Tiled-related results at the top for me, both on Google, and on DuckDuckGo, which doesn’t personalise results. The more specific the query, the fewer non-Tiled websites are in the results. Perhaps Google just thinks you want something else due to your search/browsing history? Being more specific with your queries or adding related terms like “game development” or “tilemap” might help.

If you’re looking for help using Tiled, start with the documentation. Then, if you need more help, you’ll have more Tiled-specific terminology you can use to refine your queries to get better results.

If you’re looking for resources such as tilesets, then “tiled” shouldn’t be in your query at all, as most stock assets are editor-agnostic and don’t mention any editors on their pages.

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Agreed, it’s a real pain in the butt. It can help to put “Tiled” in quotes so it doesn’t include as many matches for “tile” and “tiles”. You’ll still get results about tiled floors in kitchens and various other things though.