Remove all objects of layers

I add to map several objects layers. Insert rectangles/eclipses of some layers.
How I can remove all this rectangles/eclipses quick?
Select all don’t work.
Now I can only did: Select objects (S) > Select some region by mouse > Select items > Press Del. But map can be large and I need repeat this operation after some scrolling…


Go to the Objects Dock select the objects there and press Del.


What part of “Select All” doesn’t work? Since Tiled 0.10.2, Select All selects all objects on the current layer if it is an object layer.

Guys, video some long. What’s I did you can see at end of video.
I want remove all objects of all layers.

Ok, in that case, if the map is large, just zoom out until you can see the entire map.

If you map would still not fit in the entire viewport, hover the scroll bars while selecting and use the mouse wheel to scroll them to expand your selection area further.