Snap to Nth gridline (three requests in one)

I believe extra snapping features have been requested in the past in the form of custom grids, and that could perhaps serve as an alternative to what I’m requesting.

My own request is threefold:

  1. An option to snap to every Nth gridline instead of every gridline. This would essentially work like the inverse of the fine grid. When in Nth gridline mode, the other grids should be ignored. The N should be set independently for x and y, e.g. snap to every 4th line in x and every other line in y. This is useful for placing metatiles and drawing lines of tiles with particular slopes. It would be nice to have a modifier key to toggle whether to snap to the main grid and fine grid, or to the custom/Nth-line grid.
  2. An option to highlight the Nth gridlines, even when not snapping to them, this is helpful for ensuring minimum/maximum distances between objects and gameplay elements.

Those two features could definitely be replaced with a custom grid feature. This last one also could be, but would still require additional consideration:

  1. Allow a separate snapping grid when using the World Tool, to make it easier to align maps to a room grid. This one should be separate because a grid that large (30x20 tiles in my case) is usually only useful when using the World Tool, and it would be annoying to change the custom grid settings every time I need to add or move a map in the World. This grid should not replace the regular tile grid used in the World Tool, as tile-wise positioning is still useful in addition to the big grid snapping.

Whether it’s highlighting every Nth line or a wholly custom grid, it would be really nice to be able to switch between these grids and/or snapping modes without going into menus, perhaps via a modifier key. I often need to position one thing along a custom grid and the next along the tile grid, so having to go into View > Snapping every time for this would be a big time waster.