Strange behavior of auto tiles / animations (RMXP tiles)

Hello everyone,

I’m using tiles from the RPG Maker XP and kindly ask for help as I started using them with the great Tiled Editor (just for hobby, I don’t sell anything).

a) I know the auto tile function from the RPG Maker XP which also allows tiles of 1x1 and not only 3x3 or 2x2 (with holding CTRL down). I have the graphics for it, but how do I implement it? Please see here my tileset below. I also have an issue when painting with 2x2 (with holding CTRL down), there are sometimes glitches / grey tiles as you can see from my GIF animation. But I don’t know how to prevent these? Please see my screenshot of the tileset, right top corner it’s the used SandOnGrass from the GIF. Sometimes this grey tiles also appear when not completing the circle, just by drawing a diagonal simple line starting with 2x2.

b) Also again using the RMXP auto tiles: How do I animate correctly an auto tile with 4 frames, like you can see below? It was very time consuming doing it my way because I needed to click on 13 tiles for each frame, meaning clicking on 52 tiles and then inserting there 4 frames, so about several hundred clicks to be done. And now, when I want to change the timing between the frames (now it’s 1200ms), how do I do that, repeat the whole process? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Is there an easier way to animate such auto tiles? And lastly, I think I don’t understand the whole animation process with auto tiles: Is there are a random element included? As you can see from the GIF animation, the lava is not animated in the same way. Some tiles have different starting points. It looks quite nice but I would like to understand how it works.

Thank you for your help in advance. And even bigger thanks to the developers here, it’s such an awesome piece of software you guys achieved here :slight_smile:



Regarding a: It seems you only defined a terrain for the path, not for the grass around it. So for the terrain tiles in the top-right corner, you need to define a new terrain, which is the inverse of the path (so the outer edges on the 3x3, and the inner circle on the 2x2 tiles, and the 1x1 with just grass).
On drawing the path, you just draw atop of ‘nothing’, since your grass tile is not part of a terrain. The grey tiles only appear when the automapping occurs, and the terrain can’t find a match for a grass tile.

For b, you started out nicely, but indeed some randomness happens. When multiple options are available, the tool selects one at random. In your case, you only need a lava terrain of the left-most 3x3 and 2x2 tiles, instead of doing this on all four animation parts. And again here, you need to define a terrain for the stone floor as well, so the outer edges again.

Check out the 5th image here for terrain transition definitions:

And last, no, there is no efficient way to change timings for animations. The best way I found is to go into the tileset-file, and ctrl+h to change all values in one go.

I hope this clears things up :slight_smile:

Thanks again, Marcel!

Marcel did some Skype chat with me the other day and further explained to me what I did wrong. Just for information, the most important learning for me is to really highlight / mark all grass tiles of all tiles I used for the same terrain.


EDIT: 1x1 Auto-tiling like in the RPG Maker is currently not possible with the Tiled Editor.

Thanks for helping out, @M4rw!

Supporting RPG Maker style autotiling is covered by the following issue on GitHub:

Maybe it’ll come eventually. I wonder if it could be supported on top of the Wang Tiles project, though the map and tileset would need to use half-sized tiles to allow for the combinations that RPG Maker creates.

Ah thanks, Bjorn! Good to know.
This feature would be highly appreciated to see it included in the full release.