The use of the hexagon kit from:

Hi All,

Just started working with Tiled, and I like the tool very much. Started to do some tests in combination with the different map styles. The isometric maps and orthogonal work fine. But i don’t seem to get the right tile / map configuration for Kenney • Hexagon Kit. Is their a way to use this set in Tiled or not? And what are the applied configurations in the imported tiles / create map?

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The hexagons in this appear to be oblique, this is not something that Tiled currently supports.

While you can make maps with this in Tiled, Tiled will not be able to preview the map correctly, and you’d need to render it differently in your engine from how Tiled does it.

Another option is to have a separate layer for every “column” and offset it accordingly. This will let you preview the map properly, but it’ll be very annoying to edit.