[tileset] How to make a big tile which is consist of multiple tiles?

For example, I have a map with 20x20 tiles, and there is a big tile sized with 2x2.

Normally, you wouldn’t, you’d place that 2x2 thing as four tiles.

If you need it as a single tile, you have a few options:

  • Create a new tileset with the same tileset image but with a larger tile size and possibly adjusted margins, so that the larger tile ends up as a single tile.
  • Move the larger tiles to their own tileset image(s).
  • Create an Image Collection for the larger tiles. You can use the image rect feature to define a sub-rectangle of the image for the tile. However, subrects are a relatively new feature and are not widely supported in existing Tiled map loaders and exporters.
  • If you don’t want to use multiple tilesets, you can create a single Image Collection for all of the tiles in your tileset, including the smaller ones. You’ll need to manually define all these, however, and since you’d still be using image rects, you still need to make sure they’re compatible with your Tiled map loader/exporter if you’re using one.