Trimming a Map or Layer

Is it posible to trim map? I mean, In a map, can I reduce its size without lossing information? (just the part trimmed obviously)

Maybe you can use the menu action Map -> Autocrop for this. You need to be careful though, since it will do a crop that is only based on the currently selected tile layer. So if there are other layers that have contents beyond that tile layer, then it will be lost.

Now that I write this, I think I should really look into adjusting this action to at least take the bounding rectangle of all selected layers into account. I can’t currently remember why we didn’t have it take all layers into account when we added this. Do you, @ketanhwr?

@bjorn we actually discussed this in the issue ticket (

Me: Altough I’m a bit confused as in how this would work when we’re using multiple layers.

You: But, I just checked what GIMP does and actually it crops the image only based on the currently selected layer. So, surely that is acceptable behavior as well.

@igcefo Doesn’t Map -> Resize Map do exactly that?

@bjorn Maybe there should be an Autocrop both under Map as well as in the Layer menu. The first would take all layers into account. Although that wouldn’t make sense either since in both cases the map would be cropped.