What framework do I need to run Tiled?

My Win8 crashed a couple weeks ago and wiped everything I had installed. Now I don’t have whatever framework is needed for Tiled to display properly. I get a blank white screen, with only the menus being visible (see attached image below).
I know it’s something to do with Visual Studio, as someone else had the same issue a while back and everything was fine after they re-installed it. But I’ve got VS Community 2022 installed now, and have the packages I thought I had before the crash, yet I still can’t get Tiled to display. I went through Control Panel and made sure I had .NET framework (4.5, if it matters), too. Does anyone know what else I’m missing?

Hmm, actually I think this might have something to do with having OpenGL rendering enabled. Can you still open Edit > Preferences > Interface or is that also a white window? If it’s not accessible, try launching Tiled with the --disable-opengl command-line parameter.

You’re right, it was OpenGL. I might have ticked the box by accident when changing the mouse wheel setting or something. Thanks so much!

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