Windows installer


What verdion do i need to download for
Windows 2000
Windows vista


On vista it crash all the time. On 2000 nothing works

Windows 2000 is not supported at all, and has not been for many years. Qt, the GUI framework that Tiled uses does not support it.

Vista should technically be supported by at least the 32-bit installers, but I don’t think the dev(s) have Vista to test with (testing focus has been on Windows 10), so it’s possible that some crashes have crept in. Are there any reproducible scenarios you’ve noticed that cause crashes?

On there is a “Tiled installer for Windows XP (32-bit)” that should work on Windows Vista as well. The other builds indeed need at least Windows 7.

And indeed, I’m personally unable to test on Vista, though I can still test on Windows XP. :stuck_out_tongue: