Working with huge number of tiled images

i have 1.048.576 bmp tile images that have total size of ~ 40gb. i created tiled.tmx file includes all tile images as a single tileset. i tried to open it but not waited for long, it takes very long time i think. my question: can it be opened with 8gb of RAM, and how long time to open it may take?

the size of tiledmap.tmx file is 206.385kb.

Right now, Tiled will try to open all images, regardless of whether they are used or not. Hence, for your images it would need probably at least 40 GB of RAM. When you have enough, it may work on 64-bit Tiled, but it’ll take a long time anyway, probably in the order of several minutes.

So as it is, you’ll want to only add those images, or those sub-sets of images, that you actually expect to use on your map.

In the long term, let’s say for “Tiled 2”, I’d like to set things up in a way that it will only load images when they actually need to get rendered.

I see. i tried it again and it stucked while 6-7gb of ram is used by tiled :smiley: but for my smaller maps it works perfectly :slight_smile:
usage performance may be low without loading of imges i think.
ty for info and good days.

Actually performance should be a lot better by avoiding to load unnecessary stuff. Of course, this is only possible if the on-demand loading of resources is done in thread and doesn’t block user interaction.

Have a nice day as well. :slight_smile: