Automapping while Drawing stops working when too small

Hello! I’ve been trying to use the Automapping while Drawing feature to automatically switch tiles to corner or edge tiles depending on their position relative to others. It works great, but when I erase it a lot so that it is just like 8 tiles or so in total, it freezes.

This is it when it is bigger than 8 tiles:

And this is it when I erase some of it:

Finally, here is what it looks when I draw it normally compared to the erased version:

As you can see, the tiles are not correctly snapping to the correct ones. I’m very confused, as erasing works well with bigger areas.

I’m using the properties MatchInOrder, MatchOutsideMap, and the Automapping Radius is 2. I’m using version 1.9.2.

Is there some kind of hidden property that I need to enable in my rules for this to work? Or is this just unavoidable? Please help!

Without seeing your rules or understanding your tiles (the art doesn’t make the role of each tile clear to me), I can only guess that you don’t have rules to handle these specific scenarios, and are instead getting some other, less specific, rules applying and modifying the tiles. Since the rules that get applied in Automap While Drawing differ based on the order the situations come into being, you get different results depending on how you achieve the shape.