How to create a copy of every tile "x" offsetted in another layer?

My map have holes in the floor, so i want the layer below to have a floor obligatory. But because it’s 3/4 perspective the floor below must have a offset equal to the sprite height.

How can I do that?

Already tried defining a 2 regions rule with the output below the input, but that didn’t work.

Sorry… I do not understand what you mean here… Could you elaborate this on an example?


Could you offset the floor layer by just using the Vertical Offset value in the layer properties?

Sorry, just now saw that someoned answered. Actually I got it to work, the problem was that I didn’t know about “region_input” and “region_output”, only about “regions”. Whenusing them separeted I got it to work defining the region_output 1 square below and 1 layer below.

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