Performance issues

Is there any way to increase performance when painting tiles?

Some of my maps, when they get bigger than very “small” start to become sluggish to work with even on a powerful PC.
My requirements going forward are for large and huge maps where this problem will become a terminal issue.

I understand the speed issue is caused because you are checking for tiles based on an object naming convention and looking for them in TileEd Map/Tiles.

Could you not instead check against a hashtable or array instead which would be order of magnitude faster. Painting directly into the table and only creating the actual objects on mouse up.

This is similar to how Unity’s own light calculations work which are calculated when the user is partially idle.

I’ve classified this as a bug as the performance issue is so bad when using anything beyond very small maps that it essentially makes the tool useless for most maps in games and I wont be able to use it.


You must have enabled “AutoMap While Drawing”. Please just disable this for now and Tiled should be perfectly fast.

I think it is a good suggestion to add a mode in which automapping rules are only applied when the mouse is released. Right now, there is only the option of doing it repeatedly while drawing (through only affecting the changed area, but this can still be slow) or running it on the entire map manually.